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Expected Behavior of API Call Parameter Values

In the past I was under the impression that when performing an API call in a workflow action or as a datasource, the parameter values which had been entered in the API Connector setup, if left unchanged would be used by the call.

Below screen shot of setup in the API connector for the Body Parameters

My thought was that the line_items[][price], whose value is not empty and the allow blank checkbox is not checked, would make it so that if I created a workflow action to use this call, the value of price would remain and be used.

What I am finding is that these values are ignored and I’m getting errors when performing the call because the value is being passed as empty, despite it filled in.

I’ve experienced this with body parameters as well as Header parameters.

What is the expected behavior? Should those values get passed through to the Call or is it, despite being present in the input field, not sent through?