💰 Experienced Bubble Developer Needs Help with Exporting Data From Front End. Willing to Pay

Hello. We have built GetEvacuated.com on Bubble.

GetEvacuated is a powerful resource for the coalition of organizations who are coordinating evacuation efforts and humanitarian support for anyone fleeing danger or who are displaced.

Our users need the data from the system formatted in a very specific format.


  1. A List contains a number of groups.
  2. A Group Contains a number of Evacuees
  3. Each Evacuee record has about 30 fields, about 10 of which refer to other objects or option sets
  4. Each evacuees has to be in a group
  5. A group can have many evacuees, but only one principal evacuee applicant.
  6. An evacuee can have 0, 1 or more passports. An evacuee can only have 1 primary passport.
  7. Each evacuee can have 0, 1 or more special statuses.

Desired Workflow:

  1. User clicks “download list” from a list profile
  2. all of the evacuees in all of the groups on that list are downloaded into a CVS or excel sheet.
  3. Sheet is sorted by:
    a. Group Name A->Z
    b. Principal Applicant within the group
    c. Remaining Applicants

We have been banging our heads against the wall for way too long on this problem. Tried many of the plugins. Have failed at all of them. The download size is up to 10,000 records at once.

We are looking to pay someone $250 to have this taken care of ASAP. We are pretty skilled at bubble (+/- 5 years of exp.) but this solution eludes us and it is driving me $#@$%^ bonkers.I If you know how to do it, let’s jam. Happy to work hand in hand with you. I just need someone to unblock us.

Format and desired fields can be found in the linked google doc below.

I am most easily reached via text at 917.929.9002. Please don’t contact me if you have not solved this already elsewhere. I assume that once you know the solution, it is a short 1 hour implementation, which I can handle myself once you give me the strategy. Not opposed to plugins, but they just have not worked for me (yet?!).

Thanks ladies and gents.


Hi @john.casano . Please check your DMs :slight_smile:

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