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Experienced Bubble Developers ONLY

Willing to demo the details of the build. Experience with Google Calendar API and plug in is a huge plus. Need this done in the next week. I will demo the current program and make it super simple for those who have experience. Email me at [email protected] and I can skype this evening to go over details and give clarity.

Feature One
Build an event creation system with sign-up using Google Calendar. We can go over the current system and sign-up system as a guide to build feature.

Key Points:

  1. Calendar is filtered by current user’s organization name
  2. Build an event creation page with date/time and other inputs described in demo details by hiring manager
  3. Ability to make event repeat daily, monthly, or yearly.
  4. Ability to add/delete attendees
  5. Attendee’s can sign-up once per event
  6. Limit attendee’s sign-up to a certain amount designated in the event creation. Example, if five slots are open, only five attendees can sign up.
  7. Send google calendar invites and reminders when any event they’re attending is edited or deleted, or when the event is the next day via email
  8. Make events colors on calendar different for each type
  9. Make a list view of events in repeating group with button for users to view details and attendee’s
  10. Ability to save event as a PDF from view mode.
  11. Create Google Authorization at account creation and when adding new users.

Feature Two
Keyword search feature to filter display in respective repeating group.

  1. Internal BOLO page- Keyword details and suspect input
  2. CABS page- Keyword details input
  3. Users Page- Keyword user first/last name
  4. Events List Page- Keyword event name
  5. Patrol Request Page- Keyword address
  6. Pass Along Page- Keyword pass along note