Experienced No-Code Developer with UX and Project Management Skills Seeks New Projects

Hello, everybody!

I’m Sasha, an experienced developer specializing in project and product management. Over the years (2+), I’ve successfully delivered a diverse range of projects, from large-scale applications to customized client solutions.

My expertise lies in adapting to different stages of development, whether it’s designing user-friendly experiences, or overseeing project scopes. I prioritize efficiency and value, aiming to streamline processes and provide initial UX designs that optimize resources and ensure exceptional outcomes.

My current hourly rate is $25 - $35 based on the number of hours, and I’m open to discussing project-based pricing for comprehensive solutions.

I’m eager to learn about your project ideas and discuss how I can contribute. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or proposals.

My portfolio: Portfolio Alex Dubovik

Looking forward to potential collaboration!
Feel free to contact me by writing to me personally on Telegram - Telegram: Contact @Wolfik20 or email - sashawolfik3008@gmail.com !

Best regards,
Sasha Dubovik