[Experimental Feature]: New Design Canvas

Is your page in a column layout by chance? Elements inside a responsive container type cannot be resized by clicking and dragging as their widths are controlled by the different responsive settings available in the Layout tab of that element

Yes, it did.

How can we know when new fixes are deployed?

It doesn’t look like these fields are updating.

We really need a change log for experimental features… I’ll update this thread


[BUG FIX] There was an issue with groups that had row gaps that caused some wonky behavior. Bugs involving grouping elements into a group or copy and pasting into a group should be resolved.

Please let me know if you are still seeing grouping related issues


Hey @nick.carroll, have all of these bug fixes been pushed live to the experimental feature? I had submitted a few bug reports and the Tier 2 support team told me that it was a “Planned Fix”

Thanks! Updating us here is highly appreciated!

Link used as icon is no bueno. Doesn’t pick up the colors, sizes are all over the place.

Not able to repro this on my end - do you mind filing a bug report? Will share with the team in the mean time

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Have issues with adding a new group to the page. Even after refreshing, it would just show the hand icon for my pointer and not let me add it to the canvas. Happened with other elements before too so had to turn it off.

Yup having the same issue. No idea how to reproduce. Some elements are showing, some are not.

Wanted to upgrade to this experimental because I really needed the ability to expand the width of the Elements Tree.

@alex.pethick if you just need the tree - try this:

Ran into my first major bug with this feature. I have an RG nested within another RG and it won’t show no matter what I do. Switched back to the old canvas and showed up immediately.

New Canvas:

Old Canvas:

@nick.carroll FYI: select page by default works for me.

Also, any chance you can update this thread and/or the Experimental Features section of the editor? Currently, I’m hunting around for updates here:

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  • Selecting the canvas will select the page by default
  • Selecting an element in the elements tree will also select it on the canvas
  • Reusable Elements editor canvas has normal canvas background

I’m having some issues with dropping elements on the page – specifically link elements, not sure if thats just me though

Correction: I can’t drop an element onto the design canvas

Has anyone else got a bug where the same Group is shown on two pages at the same time? The duplicated group suddenly appeared on one of my other pages. Changing the contents of the group from the original page immediately shows the change on the other page, and visa versa, as if there was a wormhole in the Bubble universe :slight_smile:

Switching off New Design Canvas immediately removes this mirrored group from the other page.

I’ve told Support about the bug, but maybe others could help them by detailing their issues.

[BUG FIX] Issue where the canvas would disappear on editor refresh



  • Selecting an item in the palette and clicking the canvas will now drop that element onto the canvas
  • Repeating groups are no longer hidden on the canvas
  • Elements tree is no longer hidden after last element is deleted from a page

Good job Nick

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Thanks! Will pass along to the team :slight_smile: