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Expert system, is it possible?

Hi, the goal is to provide some feedback to the user dependent on what options have been chosen in an assessment form. I was starting with autobinding the form fields then realised that I have eliminated the very workflows that could provide canned answers depending on the inputted data.

Could I for instance run a back-end workflow that updates an advice field in the assessments record with content dependent on the values in certain fields? Or would it be best to bin autobinding and use a workflow to update an advice field at the point of form submission. Or, am I asking to much from no-code/Bubble?

Hi :wave:!

I definitely think that the best way (also much easier) is to make this validation and analysis in front end.

Hi, OK, good point.

I was thinking of a blend of approaches. I may stick with autobinding for fields that require no analysis and have a ‘Get assessment’ button (acting as a submit) that writes the assessible fields to the database when the user has completed all the fields. This way the fields to be assessed can be done using a front-end workflow, as you suggest, at the time of form submission.

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