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Explanations that relate to programming concepts

just wondering if there is any doc or blog post or something that relates what we are doing visually to a corresponding programming concept. I do not want to do the programming. It’s just that if I already studied something, it would make understanding the UI easier and faster if two concepts were connected.

Have you seen already? Plenty of nice stuff in there!

er… yes… it’s great, but why I asked this question is partly because it doesn’t have this approach (rightly so: assuming people have no knowledge is a great thing for “no code”). however for people with a little prior knowledge (low code instead of no code), it’d be super helpful if someone had a blog post saying “this style thing is like this css, this thing is like a callback function, etc.” - at least part of my brain tries to conceptually grasp what the UI is doing (and saving me from doing). makes a “code reduction” process easier, I think.

There isn’t a direct link to simple standard JS, HTML and CSS in every element or action. So, there’s no doc that says “this button is a for loop, this is a css selector” like we have in the block-coding from MIT App Inventor.

However we see similarities just by looking at the elements, workflow actions and styling page.

Interesting, thanks. The app inventor looks interesting, maybe more of what I was thinking. I’m kind of going from “I sort of did this … now I want to switch it to low/no code”. Anyway, Bubble is much, much nicer.

I did this comparison of SQL Joins vs Bubble.


Thanks! Definitely the sort of content I was looking for to help me along.