Export data from Bubble to Power BI

Hi, I want to extract all my data from Bubble.io and use it to build reports and dashboards in Power BI. Is there a way to achieve this directly, without exporting the data in Azure and then importing from Azure to Power BI?

@shreya.arora You mean dynamically through actions and logic? Or manually and directly via using the Bubble editor’s database tab?

@cmarchan - It could be anything. The end goal is to directly export data into Power BI and should update it as well in real time.

I see thanks @shreya.arora

My understanding is that Power BI does have a REST API. So … you could integrate your Bubble app with PBI via GET/POST/PUT calls using the Bubble API Connector plugin

@cmarchan -Thanks for the suggestion, do you have any resources for the same that I can refer to for this?

Thanks, I will go through this.

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