Export to csv feature is bugging

Okay so i have a feature to export the user’s database, and when i export it i have found field attributes that i have never added nor have a field of it in database, also when i changes names of field in database and update everything, when i export again to csv it doesn’t update

i’m just using the export from bubble

Bubble automatically appends _text _number _boolean _date etc to these fields to describe their property. The original field name is what will show despite however you rename it. I agree this isn’t ideal.

yes that’s not an issue, i mean the names are just completely differrent
like supplier, i dont even have a supplier field

Yea but you used to. Unless you’re 100% sure you’ve never renamed a single field here, I’d submit a bug report.

also i once had a field named “price” 3 weeks ago i changed it to “price VAT incl.” but it’s still called price

if i rename a field will it never update in the csv export ? after having updated everything

I don’t believe so. Which isn’t ideal. I still think it merits a bug report. I’ve noticed this long ago and never got around to doing it.

okay i’ll submit a bug report

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Otherwise you could potentially use Excel Templates and give the column names whatever you wanted.