EXporting android app

Hi everyone, I’ve finished building the app and would like to export and submit to the play store. Is there any documentation ?

Hi @tayaneoyouw, search for Android in this forum, I found plenty of articles on 50 talking about. Hope your app will be successful. I know isn’t the best answer :wink:


Just realized something… You can’t export your app to Apple or Android like this… You have to found a wrapper like jasonette or others. It’s a little bit complicated. Or you can ask your customers to create a short cut of your app inside their phone (and it work!). You can create the touch and feel as a start and eventually, go on Dropsource or others, in my point of view :wink:

Bubble does not export to Android or iOS, you have to use a web wrapper like GoNative or Cordova. You can use Jasonette and use a web-view, or Dropsource with a web-view, but you will need something in addition to Bubble to make this happen.

I really recommend to build your mobile app frontend on another service, like a Dropsource, and use Bubble for the backend logic. There’s just no comparison when you have a web-based app vs a native app.

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Can this app work together with https://mobile-phone-tracker.org mobile recorder on Android?