Exporting images

Hi All

After some guidance on exporting images from the bubble database to my desktop (System folder).

I have a good working design, the model is based around audits and as such the user is asked a question, they then select and answer and take a picture. This all works well and is saved within a table/thing called “Audit Answer”.

I now need to extract the data and images to send to the client, the data part is no problem as i can export as csv. How do i go about extracting all the images? A typical audit has 300 questions with 300 images. I will then have 400 of these so a lot of images.

Is there a plugin or a way to get these out? I need them to have some identifier to relate back to the question also.

Many Thanks


Demanding use case! :grinning:

Various ways to go about this.

The easiest one given that your clients accept a csv would be to save the url of the uploaded image to a text field and add it your csv export

On another note, I have also “dwelled” with audits and built an MVP to manage them in a new way. Last year I built an MVP for it > Qontroles

Pretty fun dealing with quality control apps.

Good luck with your project! :+1: