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ExportToCsv plugin configuration

Hi all. I just started building my own app on bubble and now am having trouble with exporting my data as CSV.
I’m using the free ExportToCsv plugin. It lists the processes like this and I’m not quite sure what some of it means.

  1. Create a repeating group on the page-Done
  2. Set the repeating group to “Full List”-Don’t understand. What is a “full list” and where to set it?
  3. Set the HTML id attribute of the repeating group to a unique name-Done. I set it to “export”
  4. Enter the columns of your CSV (from left to right) as text elements.-Don’t understand. Where to set these. Does it mean to the column titles I set outside the repeating group for visual purposes, or anything else?
  5. Create a workflow action. From the plugins section, select “RepeatingGroup Text to CSV”- I can’t find this option.

    So can anyone please tell me how to talk to this plugin and configure it?

Use the “1T - CSV Creator” plugin instead, check the examples the plugin gives

For example if you had a list of Contacts with some fields like name, number, etc., in the action you do:
Do a search for Contacts:format as text

Inside the window you do this:

"Name":"This Contact's Name",
"Phone Number":"This Contact's Phone Number",
"Age":"This Contact's Age",
"Email":"This Contact's Email"

Thanks. I installed it and the problem was solved. You saved my ass, again.

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