Expose certain private data to a logged out user?

Hi. How will you approach this one.

I have a data type of “Appointments” which is a private data. Only admin accounts should have access to the Appointments. However, I want to have a tracker page wherein logged out users can check their appointments only if they have the appointment’s Reference ID.

One thing I’m trying is to have a privacy rule where in “when this appointment’s reference code is same as current user’s (appointment reference code)”. However, I’m looking for a better simpler solution?

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One approach can be Sattelite table-

Basically, a duplicate table of the “Appointment” data type, lets say tableName is “Sat_Appointent”, that has following column.

  1. AppointmentID
  2. AppointmentStatus

And setup the database trigger in the backend workflow, so whenever any changes happen in the “Appointment” data type, it will update the “Sat_Appointment” table too automatically.

Not keep this table as the public (means no privacy rules)

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Not sure how is the database trigger working. But is there any other options other than this?

Will it expose the data too much if I allow only the Appointment ID and Status on the “Everyone” in privacy?

Database trigger happend via the Backend workflows as-

Yeah do in the Everyone condition. Check the “Appointment_id” , “Status” and “Find this in searches”

I think that is still not an option for me as I have the legacy plan.

I was able to find a solution. Not sure if this is the best way.

I retrieved data via Data API with API TOKEN. This way, we can retrieve all the datas without the user seeing all other datas and without touching the Privacy Rules.

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