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Expose Data of backend workflow


I hope I can explain this clearly.

I’m working with’s API. In my bubble app, I created a backend API workflow that uses’s “Create a Project” call which I will schedule to happen at various points through the app.

I want to be able to reference the API’s responses, like the project’s “ID”, etc, but whenever I schedule this workflow and try to reference it dynamically, the only result is “Result of Scheduled Workflow” or something like that.

How can I reference the responses of an API call from a backend API workflow?

Thank you

This might help you find it. The clue is to access the results from the API call in the previous action step.


Thanks for responding.

I know how to reference results in a previous actions step. My issue is that the results from the API do not appear. My only options are "Result from Step #(Schedule API Workflow).

I notice you have a “Run” action for Step 1. I dont see that option. Could that be it?


The current workaround I’ve found for this is just to use the Create an Asset API call in the workflow directly, and in the scheduled workflow I can then grab the results of the last step’s ID for instance. And it worked.

However, I realized that the way I described in my original post is a blind spot in my No-Code abilities and its something I’d like to learn. So if you can point me in the right direction I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

When you create the API you explicitly say what it will return. The reason “Run” is prefixed is that this is an action (not data) API. For example

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So when I did that, and then on another page I attempted to schedule the workflow, I still could not reference the responses. It only works when I’m in the API workflow page, but when I schedule the workflow on an entirely separate page or reusable element, I still do not get the options.

I may be missing something.

Thank you

If you are using the API connector you need to initialise the call or re-initialise if the API changed… eg

If you are using the Bubble App Connector - you need to “refresh meta data”.

Ooooooh wow. I didnt know that.

So if you use the API connector to setup a call, and then create a backend API workflow using that call, you have to reinitialize the API call in order to reference its results?

Okay I’ll try that. Thanks a lot.

That did not seem to work. Perhaps I misunderstood you.

But thanks so much for replying. I’ll find a video online or something to help me understand it from the ground up sometime in the near future.

I’ll return to this thread if I happen to have anymore questions. Thanks for the help!