Expose Repeating Group's Current Page

It would be really handy to have access to a repeating group’s current page when layout is fixed to make pagination features a little easier to build. And while we’re at it, having access to total number of pages too.

Currently, you need a custom state to keep track of the page you’re on if you want to let the user jump around not in a sequential order and show them what page they’re on. While this isn’t a difficult solution, having the current page value would cut out some steps for more involved pagination features.

And total number of pages would make it easier to show/hide stuff when you’re on the last page. I know you can just calculate with rounding, but would still be nice to have.


Indeed! These are common enough use cases that those features would be swell!

Interesting … that might also help address some of the printing/PDF issues that bubblers’ have with printing invoices too. Knowing what page you and on, and where on the page you are, could help determine when to repeat headings. I would love to see this too.

is this still a problem. I feel bubble team had not been releasing features recently

It’s not a problem, it was just an interesting idea for a feature request. This idea has not been implemented, though.

(I gotta say, I can see why Bubble doesn’t expose a ton of extra states in the built-in elements — they would likely cause confusion or go unused more often than benefit advanced developers. Though this particular one would be super handy.)

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