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Expose Reusable Elements to Users

We are working on an assessment and training platform for a client. The assessment tool is a survey tool that has several types of responses available: Likert, Scale 10, Yes/No, Select One, Select Multiple, Range, Matrix, Opent Text, etc.

We want to build resuable elements that contain the response types and allow a user, when configuring a survey question to define the question and then select one of the reusable elements as the response for the question.

Privacy permissions appear to be focused on the data, but not the elements. I have looked through the workflows to see if there is a way to expose them and did not see it,

We are working on using a draggable group that contains the response type and is dragged into a group with the question so they share the same data source that is filtered to the question_id. Those draggable elements would sit inside a floating group that can be revealed for the user to select the response type. Is that the best solution?

Thank you for your post! You are correct in that Privacy Rules only apply to data and not to elements themselves, however you can create conditional statements on elements to control their visibility.

Currently you can only show elements that are already visible on the page, so it would not be possible in run mode to click a button and “add” a reusable element to the page. You could have all the element options hidden on the page and only make them visible if the user selects it from a floating group menu .

I know I can make them invisible and them make them visible. Out of curiosity, what does that do to the size of the page load? We could have several of those elements visible or invisible at any point in time.