Expression Element and CSS Elements on page affecting responsiveness

I am curious about why it is that elements that are used for plugins such as CSS and toolbox expressions, that are on page view invisible affect the settings for responsive design.

I am always having issues with them affecting margins and throwing a design out of whack.

From my experience these elements need to be on the page to function properly.

Where are people placing them so that they don’t affect the layout design at all?

Footers seem like a good place if you have those?

With JS toolbox, I make them like 10width x 4height pixels, group them, and carefully place the group in a margin I can count on. Theoretically you can make them 1x1 each, just harder to work with in bubble editor.

CSS Tools, on the otherhand, a 50 x 50 pixel box that you can’t resize. why? dunno. Seems it too could be 1x1.

i put all my plugins and non interactive elements in a floating group set to beneath the page.


That is excellent @Beau…going to change my microscopic junk to that right now!

seems like a great idea…that way the elements remain on page but are out of view and won’t affect the responsiveness

I suppose if there is an issue with responsive design just make the floating group position be x - 0 y - 0

Thanks @anon65040322