Expression value on mobile

Hello, I am new to Bubble and making a app for calucaltion of CO2 for building. In the app i am using Expression to make calculation and showing this with dynamic text showing Expression value’s.
This works fine on the computer but on my mobile app the values are not showing.
What am i doing wrong?

THX Ruud

Unless you added conditions to these elements if they reach a certain screen size (page width) it should be working fine.

There’s a lot of possible issues here and I can’t exactly pinpoint which one is the cause but here’s two possible reasons:

  1. You might have certain conditions causing the issue
  2. If you already added privacy rules, you might be logged out or using a different user.

#2 sounds pretty far fetched but it happened a lot for us in one of our apps, especially when we didn’t have page redirects on page load if current user is logged out or if they’re prohibited to access that page.

When you say “mobile app”, is it just your app on mobile browser or did you really wrap your bubble app and pushed it to the app stores?

I ran into something similar and for me it ended up being as simple as the font size wasn’t represented the same on mobile, and would load but not display. I played around with font size, spill, fixed height vs not fixed, etc.

Thank you for your reply.
1 Don’t know what you mean by “certain conditions” I have no conditional parameters

2 I tried after a login on my mobile but again with no result.

The problems seems to be an issue with expression value on my mobile phone, but on another phone (Iphone) I got the same results.

The Item in red dos apaer on miy computer but not on both mobile phones (browser)

I tried differte text sizs and style attributes but the problem remains.

The item in red shows on my computer but on on te mobile phones browser.

Is there no simple way to make a calculation formula “input A * input B” ?