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Expression visual hierarchy

What would go a long way towards helping me learn Bubble through exploration would be something like the following.

It took me half an hour, but eventually I figured out that this entire 5-part expression is all centered around the “contains list” section. The first two sections are a database record (grocery store) and a field in that record (fruits). The last two sections, I think, are an element (listselected) and a custom state attached to that element (selected).

So the “contains list” section is by far the most important part. That’s the part that returns yes/no to determine what’s returned in the “search for grocery stores.” That’s the core of the logic in the expression and the rest of it is just an address for what data to compare.

There should be some kind of visual hierarchy to show which part of the expression is logic and which is data.

In this case, putting both of them, in order, in a sentence, and making them all look the same, interferes with comprehension.