Ext. vertical scrolling pushes other elements?

Hey all,

I have a repeating group on this page set to ext. vertical scrolling, however whenever it extends past 1 item, it pushes the other element “Awards and Highlights” down. How do i avoid this? The element borders don’t overlap either so i’m not sure why this is happening. The page is set to fixed width.

yes this happens and can be time consuming to figure out.

I’ve usually had to use some container groups, so the two groups on the left would need to be in a container together possibly.

it worked! is that the typical solution to elements showing up out of place when you preview the platform? couple of other wacky things going on

Very often you need to use a container group when you want elements to stay together. There are a lot of things to consider in regards to responsiveness working as you want it to and how elements are placed on the page in the editor compared to rendered in preview mode as the size of the page affects things, your preview page size may be wider than the size you set in your editor for the page width.

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