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External API Dropdown Labels & Values

Hello, I’m using a dropdown to display a list of States (AL, AK, AZ, etc) I’m pulling from my external database in XANO. I have the dropdown working and displaying the states correctly. My issue is my API endpoint is requiring a state ID, not the label (State Abbreviation) I’m displaying in the dropdown. See screenshots below.

How can I differentiate between using the States visible label vs the ID? Ideally, in the workflow, I’d be able to pick the: Dropdown Value’s Id. But I can’t.

I can get the API to run successfully if I display the Id, but obviously a user picking a # instead of an abbreviation can’t work.

Any help would be amazing. Thanks!

Your ‘type of choices’ in the dropdown should be the type of the data returned by the Xano API call.
Then you should be able to pick the option capture as Current option’s State Abbreviation (depending on how it’s internally named)

It may be capturing the ID because it’s set up to expect the data of type ‘text’ in the dropdown.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

Hey Blurapps! Thanks for the reply. That did the trick :fire:

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