External API return Data without List


I use a public external API from French government to retrieve day off for France.
This API does not return a list has you can see on the Pictures.
So When I try to create a workflow on a list it impossible to do

Any idea ? :sunny:

Link to the API

@saloon-esquiver0t when attributes are formatted like that you can always get the raw data attribute (usually the last one). And format it manually. It will give you the possibility to play with the JSON data and get just what you need.

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Tks for your fast reply, any idea how to perfom this ?

Not sure if this plugin JSON Machine Plugin | Bubble can help. there must be a plugin for parsing and getting all the data on bubble.

Or this one: jsoNest Plugin | Bubble

As last option a JSON.parse() function will do it. But lets avoid Javascript solutions.

Not a success for me :frowning:

Hello @saloon-esquiver0t, did you find a solution ? I have the same type of issue …