External Backend server for Special Requests?


Wondering if anyone is using some form of an external backend to perform special tasks…

EX: user uploads file and gets sent to a server where custom scripts are running to OCR the file and check for text in a certain region then send that data/string back to bubble?

We use Amazon Lambda for a lot of API calls where we have some custom code running. This is for small things like correctly capitalizing people’s names (e.g., mcdonald becomes McDonald) to larger items like our real-time person matching algorithm which loads a few tables of data and runs through a sophisticated algorithm to determine the best set of matches and sends that data back.

Lambda is great for this type of thing since it’s on when you need it and off when you don’t (so it’s very cheap). It scales very well, with near zero effort on our behalf.

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Thanks Scott, this is very helpful I will definitely be looking into this!! :grinning:

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One last thing I should mention about Lambda - it doesn’t store anything in a database. So if you need persistence across requests (from the Lambda side) then it doesn’t work (at least not that I know).

Often times this is a benefit though because it keeps things simple.

Webtask.io is another popular function-as-a-Service provider that’s very Bubble-friendly.