External File Storage

Anyone using Google Cloud for file storage? $10/10GB is crazy expensive and I prefer Google cloud over AWS.

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@mackenly did you do what you wanted to do ?

I’m looking for a file storage solution where i can:
Upload Files
Rename Files/Folders
Move Files/Folders
Delete Files/Folders
& get Shareable links all through workflows

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I haven’t had time yet. However you will only use the cloud storage as a place to store files. All the share links, folders, ect will have to be on the bubble side.

Uploadcare is a nice one, we have a plugin for it too!

Where can I find uploadcare ?? I cant say I have seen it.
Does it handle folders & files concept…
I dont want to have to built it from scratch

Ah… it’s only for Images… sorry … I need something generic for file management

Is Uploadcare seriously just for images?

Mainly yes, image/video conversions but they have a number of different services and I’m pretty sure you can use it for all file storage. Take a look at their docs:

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Indeed, looks like they can handle anything.

I’m balancing AWS integration Vs Uploadcare, thinking about cost (AWS wins I’m sure) vs ease of integration (by the look of the integration docs, Uploadcare is much easier)

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