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External link in workflow to open new tab

If you’re using a “link” object, you will be fine. “Link” objects can be opened in a new tab, but objects that are not of type “link” don’t have that functionality. The reasoning is in the documentation, here:


You can make the link object look a bit like a button, so not have any text and set a background colour.

or you can use “show an icon instead of text” on the link and have a big … icon.


@Nigel thats what I did now. Fake the button :). Thanks a lot!

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After seeing the post that you have to use the link function, I just put a box link around (I’m using a repeating group with products and each cell is a button to link to external site) the entire cell/inside the cell and as the item on top. So you don’t see it but when you click in the space you’re clicking the link and takes you to where I want.

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I’m running into this problem as well. My issue is that I need to trigger the button press to:

  1. Add a row to a database with information from the current page
  2. Send the user to an external site (hopefully in a new tab)

With the “box link” solution, it seems the link can’t also trigger a workflow. Is there a way to make a link element trigger a workflow, or achieve a similar result?


Hi Issac, you can open an external website using the js toolbox plugin, you just run"") in the “run javascript” plugin section, in the workflow, after installing the tooklbox plugin


Thank you Daniel! Amazing solution, worked for me.

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For me work it:“”)


Can you send data to a page this way as well?

You can include parameters in the url, that’s about the only way I can imagine.

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I’m having trouble with this solution, where do I put the javascript?

Nm, I got it:

  • Install plugin called “Toolbox”
  • Start your workflow, where you would enter ‘navigate to external website’ as the action
  • instead, go to ‘plugins -> run javascript’ and make that the action, using script
  • bingo

Here’s how I solved it:

My issue: I was trying to link an image (logo) and then have it open to logo’s website in new tab.

  • Uploaded Logo as image
  • Created a link and made the link element a box that sits on top of the logo image

Then in property editor:

  • Appearence: leave this empty
  • Link destination: external
  • Destination url:

  • Open in new tab: Check

All Set.

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Would be great if this became a native option for all elements… its a small thing and been talked about alot. I know we have links… but still don’t ask don’t get :slight_smile:

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Is it SEO friendly to do this? Actual link is empty, so google may not like it?

Thanks, Daniel! This is way better than solutions in other forums I was seeing.

Hello @emmanuel,
Could you please advice how we can send an event name and additional values(key/values) to Mixpanel backend workflows?


Nice one Gary, that worked for me!

Thanks, I use it when trying to open a new tab when selecting a search box item. Works like a charm!


Im getting an error when trying to use this solution. Anyone else?

I got the same error. The javascript method was only opening in the same window, but I need it to opening. a new tab, so I added “_blank” and now I get this error.

Did you find a solution?