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External RFID Scanner

I am building a prototype and want to connect an external RFID scanner via bluetooth to a Bubble app. to collect RFID tag numbers. Has anyone managed this successfully either via API or using the scanner as an eternal keyboard, HID?
TIA, Joe

Hi, RFID scanner - no. Barcode yes… BUT if the RFID scanner acts like a text input device then it will work with any app. For example if you connect the RFID scanner via USB or Bluetooth and then open Notepad – if the driver sends text to Notepad as a string your good. All you have to do is use a concealed (not hidden) Input field that the RFID can send the text to. Then look for a WHEN input value changes event.

Edit: Don’t forget to do a set focus to the input field before the scan.


Hi John, thanks for answer. The scanner does drop the number into notepad so should hopefully work alright. I have had issues with it missing a few digits when it bluetooths as a text input device but I am presuming that is a scanner/bluetooth version issue that will not be an issue on other scanners.

Hey Joe, I’m just starting to look into Barcode vs. RFID for camera equipment inventory purposes. I’d love to pick your brain / learn what you’ve discovered works and what doesn’t. Thanks!

Hi Greg, I haven’t built anything in Bubble yet however my experience with MS Powerapps was that a barcode scanner is very easy to implement using the phone’s inbuilt camera however connecting to an external RFID scanner via bluetooth was not as reliable. I wasn’t using a specific API for the scanner though. The bluetooth spec. of the scanner may also have influenced the poor outcome. I’ll post if I can crack it with Bubble!