Extract a list of dates saved in another list of dates

In a database I keep a list of dates “(Indiv-Days)”, and assign them a value “(Price)”.

How to know which dates belong to a list (x) and which to another list (y) Selecting a range of dates to calculate its value (price)

Why don’t you follow the setup already recommended by the forum?

Hi Code-escape. I am very grateful for your help!!
I have followed the recommendations and it looks good.
1- I have managed to obtain the list of dates.
** the list of dates.

2- I have managed to obtain the values assigned to the ranges.
** the values assigned to the ranges.

but the problem is that if the range of dates selected in the Date/time Picker contains 2 or more days of a saved range, it only adds 1 time the assigned value.

Whenever I select dates - I only get 1 time the value assigned to the range.
So the problem is that if there are 2 or more dates within my selection, I only get 1 time the value.

You’d be better off following the schema where one date per record instead of a list.

I don’t know Spanish so not sure what’s going on here, but the reason (at least partially) you aren’t seeing the second 300 is because data is being intersected which eliminates duplicates.

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I’m doing this.

And this is where I only get a value for one day, when that value is assigned to a list of days.


In the example case, I select the days from Monday to Friday and I only get 1 value of -300,
But there must be 2 values of -300, since Thursday and Friday have it assigned

That doesn’t clarify what you are doing. I don’t know what happened to your input R in your last reply but you were intersecting at that point.