Extract Domains from CSV Import

Hello! :slight_smile:

I let the user upload a CSV (natively in bubble). The csv-data is added as “contacts”.

Now I’d like to go through each of these new contacts and

  1. parse the domain name from the email adress,
  2. do another action (create “company”) for each domain name that does not exist (as a “company” yet).

How would you solve this? Is there a good way to avoid errors?

Thank you in advance!


Database trigger on backend for “contact now name is not empty” trigger the action of creating “company” using “contact now email:extract domain” only when do search for companies constrained by domain = contact now email:extract domain count is 0.

This will result in every time a new contact os created it’ll also create a new company.

You can also flip this logic to update every time contact email changes