Extract Values from Oauth API

When making an Oauth API connection, how do you save the various data in the response? If I specify to get scopes A, B, C in the API call, how do I extract those values from the response?

Hi @jeromebell ,

Not sure if this will help, but are you looking to extract the values for a particular use? For instance, and I’m a newby so take my example with a big grain of salt, I have an API I’m using to pull in a list of assets from our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), and displaying that list, filtered by specific conditions, on a page of my app using Repeating Group.

which results in this list:

I can search by specific filters and begin grouping these categorically to show specific subsets of this API Call.

Is that what you meant, or are you looking to save the data from the API Call in some other way?

Are you making an Oauth API call?