Extracted HTLM headline failed to store in database

I’m new to bubble.io and I love it.

My issue is that I have a multi-step form where all the steps are stored in the database.
This works fine, EXCEPT the headline extracted from HTML.

Have found a way to do that in this forum. But cannot bring it to work.


  • Extract HTML with Toolkit-JavascriptToBubble (JS2Bubble)
  • Save extracted result in a state variable
  • Provide this state value for new thing creation in the database.

All other value work and I can see in debug mode, that the correct value is selected, passed but NOT entered into the database.

Screenshots of the Editor
This Value I want to get to store the question and the answer in the database.
ID-Attribute: title-question-situation

Definition of the JS2Bubble Toolkit

Screenshots of the workflow and the debug-mode

Run JS to extract value from HTML

Set the state

Create a new thing “Form_Session_Answer”

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