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Extracting a parameter from a URL

I am trying to pass a parameter in a URL to the index page so that I can track who referred the new user. I was hoping that this parameter (ref_id) could be extracted and used as a hidden field in the Signup workflow. This would populate the field (ref_id) in the user type. But when I try to extract the parameter from the page URL, I only get the option for Email.

Click on the “Get ? parameter from page URL” so that it reveals another input for you to enter the parameter key. This is different from when you click “more” that took you to the “:extract” function… You don’t need that.

Did you set the ref_id parameter on another page so that when the user is taken to index, that parameter is sent?

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Thank you!

Gosh these solutions seem easy once they are pointed out.

I was assuming that I needed to use the “:extract” link and somehow find my field in a list. I didn’t realize that I can click on the “Get ? parameter from page URL” and have it present a box for me to type the name of my parameter.

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