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Extracting content from HTML element

Hi all,

I’ve used some javascript to rank word frequency of repeating group data. The javascript sits within an HTML element within Bubble (i.e. on my page), and counts the frequency of words appearing in the repeating group.

The javascript creates two textarea divs, which appear within the same HTML element.

The first text area (Textarea 1) contains the text to be analyzed. The second text area (Textarea 2) contains the analysis/word frequency output.

This part works like a charm. I’ve piped dynamically generated data from the repeating group straight into the Textarea 1 div. It renders nicely, gets analyzed, and the analysis results appear in Textarea 2. Please note that these ‘textareas’ are still within the HTML element. They are not ‘text elements’ from the Bubble elements list.

Here’s my question: how can I get the analysis data OUT of the HTML element, and INTO some other Bubble element – such as a repeating group, input box, text box, or database? Don’t really care which of these it is – if someone can help me with this part I can probably take it from there. My difficulty stems from the fact that I so far haven’t found a way to allow other Bubble elements to reference the HTML element (i.e. the HTML element can reference Bubble elements but seemingly Bubble elements can’t reference HTML elements). Is there a way to do this?

Thanks very much for your help!


We don’t have a good way to do this yet. When we’ll have a more open plugin system, where users will be able to build their own elements, that’ll be possible.