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Extracting DOB from ID


I want to extract the first 6 digits of an ID and get the DOB from that. I understand that you will need to truncate the ID. But how will you concatenate the different digits?

Hello Ethan. Other users have also have also be curious about concatenation, and have found this thread to be helpful as a jumping off point for their own individual solutions. If you have trouble with implementation, feel free to contact the Bubble support team at [email protected] !

This type of extraction is built into Bubble.
It’s called “extract with regex”

Regex expressions are funky - but the one below will work to get the first 6 characters. Regex is very flexible for extracting pretty much anything - however you might need to google around to figure out what regex expression does what you want. Or post here - I love regex. :laughing:

Which you can see here -

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Oh good - I know who my regex BFF will be if I ever need help there. You are definitely right they are funky! :sweat_smile:

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