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Extracting one address from List of Locations

I have two types of users in my database, Stores and Shoppers. Shoppers search for store locations near them.

In my repeating group of Stores, I display each Store within 25 miles of the geolocated user. Some Stores may have multiple locations in one zip code, ie Tmobile or Verizon. This data is a “List of Locations” of the Store.

How do I display the exact address in my repeating group, ie 123 Main Street, Los Angeles CA 90210 from the List of Locations of Verizon, based on the geolocated address of the user?

I’m stuck on “Parent Group’s List of Locations” in my dynamic data and can’t figure out what comes next. Item # ? First item? Formatted address? I also need to select the Location which is closest to the user.