Extracting User data structure from custom URL


I am creating a flow where an admin can sign up one of their employees for my site. The admin Creates an account for someone else and then the “someone else” gets an email with a link and temporary password.

The link Is the result of the new account creation, and it redirects to a employee sign up page that i have. The links (from my testing) look like dashboard.website/version-test/employeesignuppage/UNIQUE-ID

On the employee sign up page, the type is User, and i thought i could easily get the user info from the url. But i cannot figure out for the life of me, why this page is not able to find the user info.

Are you saying ‘Current Page User’ doesn’t work?..

If so, it’s probably your privacy rules… so check those first.

lol that was it, thank you :slight_smile:

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