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📱 Face & Touch ID Authentication

Hey guys, we’ve built a fantastic authenticator for this spec currently under Bubble’s review!
Check out the demo here
We will be giving away some free licences, so stay tuned :woman_astronaut: :man_scientist:


Wow that looks fantastic!

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Hello @Appkit

This is what I got from my iPhone under Safari (iOS 13.6.1):

Hi @JohnMark, you need minimum version of iOS 13.3, it should work for you. Here is the code we are using to determine if your device is compatible

        .then(function (available) {
            if (available) {
                instance.publishState("available", true)
            } else {
                instance.publishState("available", false)

Here’s an example of the flow using an iPhone with iOS 14

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Any update on the plugin?

Also want an update

What update do you need? @AAL @buero

Whether it was approved by Bubble or not

It’s been on the market for a while now. Head over to the plugins.

Okay! Thanks!