Facebook Authentication error that I can't reproduce

Update from Bubble support:

Thank you for reporting this, I believe that this should actually work as expected, however, the domain check on the redirection seems to fail, because your domain is set to minnnis.com, not www.minnnis.com.

I believe we have logic to properly redirect all requests to other subdomains of your app back to the canonical domain you set in your settings (in your case, the bare minnnis.com) - however it seems to be failing somehow, so we are investigating this a bit more.

For security reasons (in order to avoid impersonations of any kind) we rely on OAuth redirects from authentication providers like facebooks to specify exactly which url they expect to redirect to: it is therefore expected that in this case the www redirect (inserted by the browser that managed to visit your website on the www address) would fail.

The browser inconsistency could be a real one due to how some host headers are not inserted for anti-tracking purposes, however I believe that overall it is best to make sure that all visits to your website follow this single domain.

We’ll let you know if we figure out what caused this missing redirect, and I hope that this helps you understand the situation a bit better in the meantime.

So this was a Bubble bug due to domain redirections, which was fixed by Bubble yesterday.

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