Facebook Complete Help Save Data to Database

I’m attempting to save the user’s birthday when signing up with facebook. I have the Facebook Complete Plugin configured and added the step to save the birthday in my workflow. The workflow completes but it does not save the birthday. When I debug that step it doesn’t appear any data is being brought in from facebook.

16 AM

Any help with this?

Thanks in Advance

Hey @amcrossl23 :slight_smile: If you try to make that API call (outside of the workflow), are you able to view the birthday data there, or is it empty as well? If it is empty, I think you might have to request permission from Facebook for user_birthday, for your individual application. Their documentation states:


Access the date and month of a person’s birthday. This may or may not include the person’s year of birth, dependent upon their privacy settings and the access token being used to query this field.

Please note most integrations will only need age_range which comes as part of the public_profile permission.

If your app requests this permission Facebook will have to review how your app uses it.

When submitting for review, please be clear as to why age_range is not sufficient for your use case.

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