Facebook conversion api - SHA256 failed - workflow stopped


So I m using the facebook conversion API and they request some of the data to be hashed (sha256). The problem is that, sometimes the sha256 failes due to missing data ( I m getting users city based on the ip address)

How can I bypass the failed action in a workflow?


Can’t you just add an only when condition to the SHA256 action? (or use a Boolean expression in its Text value, formatted as text)…

The issue is that, somethimes the country is missing, sometimes the city, sometimes both. I have no clue what exactly is missing and when.

What would work, if an error occured - error code xxx then send data through api with the following data minus hashed city and hashed country.

But I do not think we have access to error code from this plugin

But surely you know what parameter you’re hashing?.. so if it’s empty, just don’t run the hashing action…

Created a plugin: Facebook Conversions API Plugin Plugin | Bubble

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