Facebook & Instagram API (Get Data) returns data in version test but not in version live

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to pull insights from Facebook and Instagram pages into my bubble app.

I’m doing this via Data-typed GET calls in the API connector, so on page load the data is shown in text form on the front end.

Now the weird thing is: In the version-test this is working fine and I always get numbers. In the version-live however, I do not get any data returned. :exploding_head:

I checked and both versions are using the same ids and access tokens etc. I’m also using POST Action-typed calls all the time, and they work fine both in version test and live …

When I inspect the call, I get the following “response” for the call in the live-version:
(Data with ID “undefined” from an API)

I tried to look up what this means and could not really find anything usable - I guess it just means that the response body is empty?

Does anyone have any idea where the problem is coming from and how I could solve it??

Thanks in advance for any help!! :pray: