Facebook like features too ambitious for bubble?

Hey there,

so i was talking in another thread and was asked to post here instead.

So i noticed that you can clone twitter, and you can clone instagram, how about some aspects of facebook?

So what i need, is the ability to host live video’s as well as to be able to send voice memos, preferably have the option of having the memos expire (like IOS) or to be able to save them. i really like the style of the facebook live, i like that people can interact and ask questions and can also chat with other members.

i have access to a rapidly growing customer base (175K people, growing by almost 5k a day) and pretty much every single one of them is salivating at the idea of having an app. im currently enrolled in an xcode course for app development how ever the going is slow, and i would like to act on this sooner than later.

i also came across a different platform that allows me to build a unique app from a “template” how ever i am concerned that the app will get rejected because of clause “4.2.6 - Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected.” . this service claims they have a 100% approval rating, how ever i find that hard to believe. i cannot say that im not a bit concerned that bubble would be bundled in the same category.

any ways there are plenty of other features that i would like to implement into the app, that will clearly take some time to design. Seeing the viability of live video streams and voice memos is the first priority.

i was thinking about hosting my own server to store said live videos, also to host the voice memos.

what do you think the viability is on this? is this something that can be done with bubble?

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for a response

Hi @joehdleonard

What you’re describing can be done in Bubble, though it’ll require some third-party services. If you want to host everything yourself, it might make it a bit more tricky, but certainly possible.

As for the 4.2.6. point, Bubble is not really a template-based system, unless that’s how you choose to develop your app. There’s really no reason for it to be rejected any more than any other WebView app (which includes big ones like Spotify).