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Facebook Login - additional permissions/data

Hi, is it possible to request additional permissions (and retrieve the resulting data) from the Facebook login plugin? I am referring to the various permissions listed on:

If so, can you please point me as to how the plugin can be configured? If not, can you please let me know how you would go about implementing additional permissions?

Thank you!

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This is where to start.

@romanmg Hi Gabi - Have you implemented an expanded API plugin (additional permissions) for Facebook previously that you might be able to share some insights on please? Thanks again!

I haven’t, but what are you looking for?

Thanks Gaby, I am looking to expand the existing Facebook plugin to include these permissions, which are important to my app (as referenced here

  • user_birthday
  • user_education_history
  • user_relationships
  • user_posts (allow app to post to users timeline)

Thanks again.

I’ll take a look!

Emmanuel, for existing plugins, is there a way to copy/clone and edit/update them? For instance, this Facebook plugin only requires very limited additions to add the extra Facebook permissions I need. Thanks!

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Can you not use the API Connector, and OAUTH, to request the relevant Facebook scope access from the user ?

We just pushed a way to do this with forking, but unfortunately the initial set of plugins built by the bubble team are not on GitHub.