Facilitator controls screens of users?

I want to create an app in which a facilitator controls the screens of other users.

This is an app for facilitating a meeting. The users type something into the app and then the facilitator clicks a button to move to the next activity. The users then type something new and the user clicks the button to go to the next activity. Etc.

Any idea how to do this? I would love to see a tutorial.

I think you will need to give a bit more info on this one. For example when are the activities created? Before the meeting or by the users?

But to keep it short it would work just like any other app.
You save all the activities and the activity responses (in a separate table).
In the meeting table you link the activities I assume but you also link the current activity. Once the facilitator clicks next activity, then the current activity changes and therefore the screens of the users change to the next activity. That assumes that in your frontend you are pointing your group/repeating group/whatever to the current activity.

Great question. The activities are created before the meeting. There is a template that is run over and over again. No one can modify the template, not even the facilitator.