Fail to set up calls and test URLs and keys

I’m trying to set up calls and test URLs and keys . When I try to authenticate, I am redirected to the login screen of TypeForm, but after that I get the following error:

{“statusCode”:400,“body”:{“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“Redirect ID invalid”}}

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Did you follow this? You seem to mix there’s button SDK with the Bubble API Connector. That won’t work.

User profile endpoint is
You seem to have something a lot longer than that.
Id for key path is

Thanks for your answer, I keep getting the same error after the changes. I had also followed the link you have sent me.

Can you share your aPI Connector settings? And also typeform app settings. And the WF where you have the Login with social network?
Do you get the authorization page?

Yes, I get the authorization page (which you can find below). Below you can also find my settings. After I click on accept, the error appears on the wegpage)

Can you share API Connector settings? And the WF for the Signup using social network?

I changed the redirect URI to Ez Dash and now I don’t get any errors anymore. The authentication is still not confirmed though. Is one of the screenshots above not the API connector settings? And I did not make a WF for the signup. I just added the login button with the given script on the TypeForm developer page.

You cannot use the button from typeform. You need tonuse Bubble action signup with social network

If you really want to use the button, you will need to manually do the full process. Tjis is more complex.

Thank you very much. Indeed, it works now by using the Bubble action signup with social network.

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