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Fast question about subscription fee

Who pays the application fee, Both buyer and seller or one side? (STRIPE) looking for confident answer.

When the buyer pays for a product on a platform the application fee is taken out of the payment amount and given to you (Platform account) and the rest is given to the seller (Connected account).


Thank you for the specific answer, have look at this flow before and what is more confusing is that every month this application fee is taken by the buyer and the seller without any fee’s, what about the transfer fee. who will cover?

For example $8.18 is to your account, this amount need to be transferred on $5cap

About transfers: Creating separate charges and transfers | Stripe Documentation

Stripe Support would be able to answer your questions better: Stripe: Help & Support

Separation done for charges, i combined the fee with amount and then transfer to seller -fee., but if subscriptions is not separated and in action you filled account ID and application fee, this amount is transferred(directly to seller billing info or bank) without the transfer fee or including?

Bank debits and transfers: 0.8% $5.00 cap

I am trying to understand the connection with transfers.
One payment charges > need transfer including stripe fees
Recurring charges > not separated > directly to seller > no transfer fees?

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