Fast UI and DB access using Regex


I have an app with a grid (actually a repeating group with both rows and columns) with fixed number of boxes. It’s highly interactive and each box needs to respond instantly to user interaction and save that data. Doing this by changing Things was to slow.

So my solution was to store the grid’s data in one string. I then show and hide things in each box based on the content of the string, using Regex to find each box’s data. To solve this data relating to a box has an index prefix. Syntax: indexTYPEvalue. "Example 001CLR#ffffff"for setting the background colour of box 001 to white.

Updating data in the string is also done using Regex.

To even speed it up more I don’t save the string to the database in real time but wait for the user to press Save.

Of course this is a special use case, but maybe a concept that could be used in other cases as well. :slight_smile:


That’s a really interesting way of hacking the system. Kind of like having an associative array?
Can you provide more detail? Maybe some screenshots or a demo?


It’s not really hacking it, but using available tools to overcome limitations, although making the app slightly more complex. :slight_smile:


That sounds really interesting. I can’t view your app though, have you set it to be viewable by anyone?

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The app is set to Hobby and the setting Anyone can edit.

would love to see it also. It seems locked now

This link should work:

New link: