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FB Login triggers user is logged in event?

Hi, I’m trying to link an activity to only when the user is logged in and this is the first time we’ve seen them (not yet in our customer database). So I have a (when user is logged in AND no customer facebook ID matches logged in user facebook id) trigger and workflow. I also have a button on the page that allows them to login with facebook (using signup/login with facebook workflow action).

My question is, will the completion of the signup/login with facebook workflow action then trigger the user is logged in event so that workflow will run? It seems like yes if I promote to production but NO if I run it in the debugger on my development environment.

Help please… Debugging this is sucking up so much of my time. I tried to create a custom event to modularize and not rely on the logged in event but it seems that using any “when” condition in the custom event is causing an error to be thrown.

Yes it does. There may be an issue with the debugger, we’ll check, but it is supposed to trigger the event.

That’s great!!! Happy to hear that. It’s the answer I was hoping for.

Definitely does NOT work when debug=true, especially when I’m trying to debug the workflow in step by step mode.

I’ll refactor my workflows accordingly.

Did some more testing. For context, we are developing for:

  • FB mobile app on iOS
  • FB mobile app on Android(s) - different behaviors on different Androids
  • FB on desktop

We did some testing and found the following:

  • the login event firing behaves BEST in the FB mobile app on iOS as they have an integrated browser in the app that passes along the app’s logged in user
  • on Android app, it depends on version. Some behave like iOS, some launch the browser as a separate app (and which browser depends on distro)
  • on the desktop browser, after login, the logged in event gets fired in bubble production but NOT in development/debug mode.

Hope that helps your debugging. So the pain in the but for us now is that for us to test our flows, we have to publish to production every time and we have to litter our pages with text fields that are like variable debuggers so we can see what’s going on since we can’t use debug mode.