Feasibility of building side-project using Bubble

Hi everyone! No-code newbie here, looking to build my social side project and would appreciate some guidance and clarification before starting out! :slight_smile:

I have a non-revenue-generating side project that my team and I would like to build using Bubble and we’re wondering about the feasibility. The website should be similar in concept to dollar street, and we’re basically trying to create an ever-expanding directory of individual profiles highlighting their responses to a form. These should be the core functionalities:

  1. Integration with Typeform + Notion/Airtable as database (or can bubble handle the database side as well?)
  2. Responses to forms are recorded as a unique profile on the website
  3. Visitors of the website can filter based on different responses to specific input fields in the form

We have a few questions in mind right now:

  1. If the idea can be actualised using Bubble
  2. If Bubble offers API integration with Typeform and Notion/Airtable
  3. If the idea can be actualised using Bubble without having to pay (since we’re uni students and don’t intend for it to be revenue generating)
  4. And for those of you who’ve tried other no-code apps: if Bubble is the best (easiest, most cost-efficient, etc) way to achieve this (I’m also considering using a suite of no-code apps together like Typeform, Notion/Airtable, Zapier & Webflow instead)

Thanks for reading and we absolutely appreciate your guidance!! I’m also learning Bubble through Udemy and any additional learning material recommendation would be fantastic too :))

Excited to be part of this community! Cheers :smiley:


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