[Feature enhancement] New elements tree with more powerful interactions and shortcuts

Thanks for all of the feedback on the elements tree. We’ve heard you and made some updates to the tree.

  1. Now, when you click anywhere on the element, the element inspector will open automatically.

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  1. Now, when you right-click on an element, we have the options “Expand all children”, “Collapse all children”, “Show all children”, “Hide all children”, and “Delete all children” in the context menu under “Manage children”. These actions are just on the parent element, rather than the whole tree, and will keep you focused on the element group you’re working in.

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  1. Now, after editing the element’s name in the elements tree (and element style’s name in the Styles tab), the name autosaves after clicking away, without needing to hit enter.

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We’ve also added the ability to re-order elements in the Overlays section, improved drop zone accuracy when moving elements within the tree, and included children elements in the locking functionality when you lock a parent element.

Thanks again for all the feedback!


Can we have horizontal scrolling in the element tree, please?

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If you want to shrink the height of the elements, my Chrome extension for Deezign lets you toggle it on/off (free).


Really loving how intuitive the editor feels now. I don’t think I’ve ever worked as fast in Bubble as I do now.

Keep up the great work and thank you for liatening to feedback!

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The first few days of the change were traumatic, to say the least. Now I’ve just accepted that it’s borderline useless for any page with any level of complexity.

It seems like we’re in for a whole series of these ‘improvements’

this is the greatest thing ever thank you sm

Happy to help! It was bugging me to no end lol.

Next up: resizing the dropdown for data source, as this is cruel and unusual punishment lol

Hahaha, what do you mean? You don’t like spending 20 min guessing endpoints?

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Hi Greg! The only thing I don’t like about the auto reveal feature is that when you’re already working on a specific element and THEN you click it on the elements tree. Your entire screen immediately scrolls to bring that element to the very top of your screen (most likely you had it around the middle of your screen).

This is specially annoying when you have elements inside of other elements and you want to see the overall look including the parent elements. So when you click a child element you get your view cut in half.


I’ve persisted with the new element tree but it is a downgrade from the original in so many ways.

I agree with other commenters above that so many of the recent “upgrades” are not well tested or thought out and actually make bubble slower and harder to work in.

All changes should be rolled out as an optional upgrade that users can turn on and off and then bubble should use that feedback and data to decide if they include that upgrade in a future version. ie if more than 1/2 users turn the feature back off after using it for at least a few hours then it’s a fail.

I wish I could turn off so many of the “upgrades” that bubble keep pushing.

There’s so many little things in the app that are clearly poorly thought out yet they keep adding new features that are again poorly thought out. It’s just becoming a bunch of poorly thought out junk.

For instance the recent change to setting the group height to 60px… or the repeating group to some random px width and height… I get why they did it but every time I add a group now I have to clear those values and enter the values I want… why not just give me a setting where I can adjust the values?

Or many of the drop downs in the style settings ie the round corners not having a drop of 100 or 50 or whatever. I have to type the value and that wasn’t clear when I first started bubbling.

Anyway, I appreciate the new features but I wish they were tested and thought out more thoroughly before being rolled out.


Agree 100%

@kate.mcnally Please undo the new change to the way the tree works for selecting multiple elements at once. Now, frustratingly, it is impossible to select multiple elements that are not already next to each other, meaning if I have in the tree a list of 10 elements and I want to group element 1 and element 10, previously, which was the appropriate and logical approach, if I selected element 1 and held down shift with keyboard and then selected element 10 only those two elements would be selected, BUT, NOW, the unexpected and illogical function is that if I select element 1 and hold shift and selected element 10, ALL 10 elements become selected.

Please revert to the expected and logical approach.

Nah, this isn’t an issue.

You use shift to select all between two groups, and Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) to select individual groups. It’s the way every other app (web or otherwise) works and is smart.


Got it, thanks for pointing out the change to use command instead of shift, I must have missed that in the announcement thread.

Yes, I have a problem with it too. I can’t drag and drop existing elements in new element tree. Does anyone have a solution?

I’d like to report a bug.
When draggin a text element from somewhere into a group focus, that group focus will disapear out of no where and it will disable hide/show (eye thing). The only way to show it again is to refresh page (wich is super annoying).