[Feature Request] Drag and drop to arrange properties in Plugin Editor

Hi @Bubble, it will be very appreciated if you can allow plugin developers to use drag and drop to arrange element properties in the plugin editor.

The current implementation of using move up/down with clicks is so tedious when you have a lot of properties.

Having ability to quickly move the propeties around will lead to plugin developers creating good arrangements which in turn will make the life of bubble developers easy.


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Thanks for the suggestion, we’re putting it on the list of things to do.

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And also re-order Actions, Events, and Exposed States… pretty please? It’s BAD right now. :roll_eyes:

^^^ so random

And while we’re at it… What’s with the Action_name + " a " + Plugin_Element_name nomenclature? It’s just NEVER grammatically correct… right? Should be more like: Plugin_Element_name + ": " + Action_name

I second this. And would like to request that the page gets expanded to fit the entire list of actions, events etc. It is so often that I need to insert an action at the top of the workflow so that I am able to select the bottom of the list before needing to paste it into a workflow lower on the page.

“Me Trog, me Set Locale a Calendar Grid.” cringe